Can All Teeth be Replaced with Implants?

Whether they are being used to replace single teeth or several teeth, implants are inserted individually into the jaw. With this in mind, patients can even choose implants as an alternative to full-mouth dentures. When used this way, this treatment from our expert in dental implants in Beverly Hills offers a level of appearance and function similarly associated with real teeth.

Avoidance of Denture Problems

Dental implants prevent patients from having to deal with the movement and additional cleaning that dentures bring. In many cases, denture recipients feel self-conscious about their removable teeth when they eat or speak, because of them slipping and clicking. In contrast, implants stand firm in the mouth just like natural teeth.

Preservation of Jaw Health

Dentures sit on the top of the gums and leave holes in the jaws underneath. Over time, this can lead to deterioration of the jawbone and consequent drooping of the facial muscles. Dental implants fill those holes, preventing degradation of the jaws. This allows letting patients avoid needing plastic surgery to address associated issues later.

Another advantage to choosing implants over dentures is that implants rarely require replacement, while dentures normally require multiple replacements as jaw shrinkage occurs. At a consultation with our expert in full mouth implants in Beverly Hills, patients can learn more about how this treatment compares to alternatives.

Can All Teeth be Replaced with Implants?

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