Qualifications of Invisalign Dentists

smiling girl with tooth tray

Invisalign is a popular alternative to traditional metal braces. One of the main reasons for its current popularity among many patients is its discreet treatment method. Instead of having to wear the metal brackets and wires that are associated with traditional braces, Invisalign patients wear a series of clear plastic aligner trays that are not visible to outside observers. Unfortunately, not just any dentist or orthodontist can use Invisalign. In fact, special training is required.

Invisalign offers a training course for any dental professionals that are interested in becoming Invisalign providers. With traditional braces, there are continuous tweaks that need to be made along the way to ensure that a patient is satisfied with their smile. With Invisalign, the entire process is planned out in advance. During the training, dentists are specifically taught in how to formulate this plan. They learn how to take the necessary pictures, X-rays, and impressions of their patients that will be used by Invisalign to design a 3D image of them. Only a dentist who has been trained by Invisalign certifications will be able to take these images and figure out how to plan out the exact movements that your teeth will need to make. Invisalign-trained dentists who gain experience in treating people using Invisalign treatment plans can even become Premier Preferred and Elite Preferred Providers.

If you have questions about starting an Invisalign treatment, contact our Beverly Hills Invisalign dentist to set up a consultation.

Qualifications of Invisalign Dentists

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