Placement of Dental Implants

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots placed in the jaw as a replacement for missing or extracted teeth. Implants are relied upon by orthodontists and endodontists as the best way to restore a smile from the bone up. Those patients who do not have sufficient bone mass in their jaws to support implants are often approved for graft surgery. However, the majority of cases can have the implants set directly into their existing jawlines.

Implants are placed in either one or two stages, depending on the need. A titanium screw-like piece is first surgically installed into the jawbone. Our dentist in Pasadena may choose to leave the head of the post exposed in the gum, making it easier to access in a second stage. Later, another piece called the abutment is installed, penetrating the gum through the mouth. This will aid the doctor in crowning the implant.

Whether or not your implant requires one or two stages, there will be a lengthy healing process, known as the osseointegration phase. This is simply the bone fusing around the implant.

This work typically requires no more than a local anesthetic and is carried out in the chair. A hospital space is needed only in extreme events. Our expert in dental implants in Burbank can put you at ease with your implants to leave you smiling with confidence. Dental implants are exact replicas of your teeth in every way, from appearance to function.

Placement of Dental Implants

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