What Should Teenagers Know about Invisalign?

More and more teenagers are happy to choose Invisalign’s newest orthodontic system for those in their adolescents. While Invisalign Teen is more flexible than conventional braces in many ways, teenagers can still benefit from knowing all of the specifics associated with this treatment before choosing it. Here is a look at what teens should remember about this treatment.

Invisalign Can Be Ideal for Active Teens

The absence of brackets and wires with the Invisalign system can make this treatment particularly good for teens. Invisalign is safer and more comfortable for those teens that play contact sports, and it does not hinder the performance for teens that play woodwind instruments. Invisalign Teen comes with an array of additional benefits for teens even compared to Invisalign Full. While eruption tabs are present for the growth of new teeth, the blue dot indicator that comes with treatment also allows the dentist to know if the teen is wearing their aligners as they should. Additional aligners are also given with Invisalign Teen to restore any loss of the provided aligners.

Cleaning Is Important for Discretion

The clarity and invisibility of Invisalign can be ruined if the aligners are allowed to accumulate grime. By following the cleaning instructions provided by our dentist, patients can avoid feeling self-conscious during Invisalign treatment.

Compliance Is Essential

Unlike other Rocklin orthodontics options, Invisalign treatment relies on the compliance of patients to be successful. Remembering to wear the aligners for at least 22 hours per day will help prevent any delays in completing treatment. Fortunately, the blue dot indicator that comes with Invisalign Teen will let the provider and parent aware if the teen is wearing their aligners for the designated time.

Invisalign treatment does require some added responsibility, but its advantages and results make it a worthwhile choice for many teens. To learn more about this treatment, patients can schedule a consultation with our expert in Invisalign Teen in Rocklin.

What Should Teenagers Know about Invisalign?

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