Price Range of Lumineers

Shopping for a smile can start to look like a full assault on your bank account. It is not always easy to stay focused against the barrage of dollar signs. However, if you are looking at Lumineers, good news may not be hard to find. Lumineers compare favorably with more orthodontic forms, like Invisalign and traditional braces, and tend to be more affordable than other kinds of veneers.

The thinness and durability of Lumineers compose a cost-effective treatment. The laminate is guaranteed for five years by the maker, as long as you agree to regular checkups with your Lumineers dentist in Los Angeles.

That comfort comes with a price range you may or may not have insurance to cover. Most providers classify veneers as an elective procedure, but you should ask your provider anyway. In addition, you should ask your dentist if she offers any payment plans or discounts.

One such discount may be offered if you are placing multiple Lumineers. This product is usually priced per tooth, so your quote will differ anyway depending on how many teeth you want done.

If you live in a major city with a robust client base, you may pay more. Call our office today for more information on Lumineers price.

Price Range of Lumineers

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