Purpose of Full Mouth Reconstruction

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A full mouth reconstruction is necessary when all of the teeth in your upper and lower jaw need to be replaced or restored. A variety of procedures will likely be necessary in order to accomplish a full mouth reconstruction. Depending on the specifics of each individual case, only a dentist will be able to say for sure which procedures will be necessary.

If the teeth are broken, but not missing, a variety of restorations may be used. When a tooth breaks off at the gumline, a crown lengthening procedure will be necessary in order to expose enough of the tooth to be fit with a crown. Broken teeth may also be restored by our Northridge dentists through the use of dental veneers or dental bonding. If your jaw was knocked out of place, orthognathic surgery may be required.

If all of your teeth have been lost, then the likely treatment will be the placement of dental implants. Implants require that your jawbone have enough strength and density in order to support the implants. If your jawbone lacks these requirements, then a bone graft procedure will need to be done beforehand. Dental implants can be used to support a full mouth fixed bridge or a removable overdenture. These implant-supported dentures are usually better options than standard dentures, as implants are able to mimic the look, feel, and function of your natural teeth.

If you have suffered decay or injury to the point that it has affected your whole mouth, contact our expert in full mouth reconstruction in Northridge to schedule a consultation.

Purpose of Full Mouth Reconstruction

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