Does Getting Veneers Require Surgery?


Porcelain veneers is a perfectly descriptive term for this cosmetic dental treatment for concealing unsightly stains, gaps or other minor dental problems that you want to fix. As the name suggests, they are made of porcelain and they are a veneer.
Answering this question, does getting veneers require surgery, lies in a simple examination of the words involved in it, veneer and surgery. A veneer is something that covers something else. Surgery, on the other hand, by definition implies the cutting of tissue.
It goes without saying that when you smile, you show your teeth. They are not hidden, rising above the gumline. Therefore, using the two very simplistic definitions above, if you are placing a veneer on something that is already visible, no tissue is being cut. In other words, surgery is not involved.

Although the porcelain veneers procedure is, thankfully, more involved and technical than simply gluing something to your teeth, it is nevertheless a mere veneer. The most invasive part of the process is the removal a small amount of enamel from the surface of the teeth to receive the veneer, which only requires local anesthesia to dull the pain.

Contact our porcelain veneers dentist in Burbank to learn more about the process.

Does Getting Veneers Require Surgery?

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