Candidates for Laser Teeth Whitening

0079.jpgLaser teeth whitening is similar to other teeth whitening treatments in many ways, but it involves activation with a special dental laser. The laser has a variety of benefits, including increased effectiveness, faster results and better accuracy. Here is a look at who is a candidate for laser whitening from our San Francisco cosmetic dentist.

Patients with Superficial Stains

Superficial stains are those that are present on the surfaces of teeth rather than on the inside. These include stains resulting from coffee, tea, wine, tobacco and berries.

Patients Who Are Busy

The speed with which laser whitening works makes it ideal for patients on a tight schedule. In one short session, patients gain results far beyond what is possible with store-bought whitening products.

Patients with Sensitive Gums

Some teeth whitening systems can irritate the gums even when barriers are put in place. This whitening method minimizes this risk because of the accuracy and speed of laser activation.

Teeth whitening is among the fastest cosmetic treatments patients can receive, and the use of lasers brings its effectiveness and speed to another level. At a consultation with our expert in laser teeth whitening in San Francisco, patients can find out if they are candidates for this procedure.

Candidates for Laser Teeth Whitening

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