What You Should Know about Orthodontics

Orthodontics is the practice of teeth straightening. Some dentists do minor orthodontics, but an orthodontist just does braces. Since straightening teeth involves complex physics, extra training is necessary to understand them. Orthodontists receive up to 3 years of additional education after dental school.

It is important to understand orthodontics as more than just putting teenagers in braces. A high percentage of orthodontic patients are adults who either suffered resorption in the years since their braces, or who are getting braces or another orthodontic for the first time. These patients realize the professional value of a strong smile and take steps to secure one.

But crooked teeth or jaw misalignment are not just esthetics. Crooked teeth are more likely to decay, and jaw misalignment can lead to trouble eating, speaking and breathing. These are serious orthodontic issues.

Our orthodontist in Glendale also performs many evaluations of children. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that kids begin mapping their orthodontic futures at the age of 7. Early detection is key in cases of crowding, premature tooth loss, and crossbites.

Orthodontics should be seen as a supplement to your routine dental needs, such as exams and cleanings. Ask your Glendale cosmetic dentist about any orthodontic services provided.

What You Should Know about Orthodontics

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