Different Teeth Whitening Procedures


Teeth whitening is currently one of the most popular procedures offered by our cosmetic dentists in West Hollywood. It is no wonder, given the focus put on social media. There are several different teeth whitening procedures that are currently available. While the techniques vary slightly, they all require that the soft tissues of the mouth are covered during the procedure, so that only the teeth are exposed.

Zoom whitening is a popular type of procedure that utilizes a 25 percent hydrogen peroxide gel. After the gel is applied, a special light is used to accelerate the bleaching process. The gel and light treatment is administered in three, 15-minute intervals. A fluoride paste is used after the treatment to reduce sensitivity. Total chair time is around an hour.

Opalescence Boost uses a 38 percent hydrogen peroxide gel, but does not utilize a light in its whitening process. The gel is particularly viscous, though, and contains a unique mixture of potassium nitrate and fluoride. It takes around one to two hours.

Sapphire Professional Whitening by Den-Mat is a 25 percent hydrogen peroxide gel that is used in conjunction with a desensitizing agent. After both of these have been applied to the teeth, a special light is used for 30 minutes to enhance the whitening process. Chair time is around an hour.

If you would like to learn more about which whitening option is right for you, contact our expert in teeth whitening in West Hollywood for more information.

Different Teeth Whitening Procedures

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