Pros and Cons of Metal Braces

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Metal braces have been in use for decades and their effectiveness at addressing a wide range of orthodontic issues has been well established. Here is a short look at some of the pros and cons of them from our dentists in Glendale.


Metal braces are effective, in that they can address just about any dental abnormality. While strides have been made to improve on the process using other orthodontic means, metal braces are still the best option available for certain dental issues. Additionally, they are also the least expensive orthodontic option available on the market.


The primary negative side to metal braces is the impact they make on physical appearance. Metal braces are exceptionally easy to see from a distance and there is no hiding that fact. They also limit the types of food you can eat, preventing the wearer from eating things like popcorn, corn on the cob, and even raw carrots. They are also notoriously difficult to clean, meaning that extra care needs to be made while brushing. This is particularly the case because flossing is significantly more difficult.

Contact our expert in metal braces in Glendale to learn more about options that might work for you and your teeth.

Pros and Cons of Metal Braces

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