Best Type of Braces for You

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Obviously, the only way for you to know definitively what type braces will work for your particular situation is to meet with a Los Angeles orthodontics expert. However, understanding what your options are can help you be sure to ask your orthodontist about each.

There are essentially three different options when it comes to braces.

Metal Braces

These are effective at dealing with essentially all bite and tooth irregularities, although there are occasions when extractions and the like may be needed. While these are exceptionally effective at correcting issues, their impact on physical appearance is the greatest and can cause significant self-consciousness. This problem may prevent working adults from getting the dental work they need done. This is the most inexpensive option, too.

Ceramic Braces

These offer the same benefits as metal braces, but because the brackets are tooth-colored, they offer more discretion. The wire between them is still metal, but the impact on appearance is significantly better than metal ones.

Lingual Braces

These braces, unlike the others, sit behind the teeth. As a result, these are easily the most discreet, even more so than Invisalign, but their utility is relatively limited. In addition to the variety of bite and tooth abnormalities that they can fix being comparatively small, their cost is the often more than other options, too.

Talk to an expert in teeth braces in Los Angeles to learn more about braces options that are right for you.

Best Type of Braces for You

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