How Dentures Work

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Dentures are an exceptionally common dental device used by our dentist in West Hollywood to restore a smile after significant tooth loss on one or both jaws. They come in both complete and partial denture varieties, depending on the needs of the patient.

If the patient has some natural teeth remaining, partial dentures are called for, as they will incorporate the real teeth into their structure and help keep them in place. When there are no natural teeth, complete dentures are needed, but the stability provided by natural teeth can be mimicked by the use of dental implants. In this instance, the dentures will snap into place over the implants.

However, all dentures mimic the functionality of real teeth, allowing the patient to look and eat normally. Dentures are custom made for each mouth and are designed to be set on the gums completely. By hugging the contours of the gum line, they gain their stability and their functionality using suction. At times, however, a dental adhesive may be needed. Additionally, gums without teeth will slowly recede, and the jaw bones will deteriorate. This natural process, which is only halted by the presence of natural teeth or implants to mimic them, requires that dentures be regularly adjusted to ensure they fit tightly and comfortably in the mouth.

To learn more, contact our dentures dentist in West Hollywood to schedule an appointment to discuss options available to you.

How Dentures Work

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