When You Should Have Your Teeth Cleaned by a Dentist

0208.jpgAt home, brushing and flossing twice a day is the best thing you can do for your oral hygiene. Regardless of how thorough you are with your oral hygiene regimen, though, you will absolutely miss cleaning some spots in your mouth. Plaque and tartar have a way of hiding between teeth and underneath the gumline in spots that we simply cannot reach. A professional cleaning by our West Hollywood dentist will ensure that those hard-to-reach spots are also cleaned.

Dentists and their hygienists are professionally trained to clean your teeth. They also have access to better tools for cleaning the entirety of your mouth. They will be able to identify the spots in your mouth that plaque seems to congregate, so that you can keep a special watch on those spots at home. The dentist will also provide you with tips for how to best clean your mouth. While the professional cleaning aspect is certainly a good reason to visit the dentist, there are also other benefits. For instance, during your cleaning the dentist will be able to keep a look out for any changes in your oral health. Many issues like gum disease and oral cancer are much easier to treat the earlier they are caught by your dentist.

If it has been a while since your last professional cleaning, contact our expert in dental cleaning in West Hollywood to set up an appointment.

When You Should Have Your Teeth Cleaned by a Dentist

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