Are Veneers for Upper Teeth Only?

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Veneers can effectively mask many different cosmetic issues that are affecting your teeth. They can be used to conceal teeth that are gapped, chipped, stained, and crooked. Veneers can be placed on upper and lower teeth, but some patients only do upper teeth as a cost saving measure.

The reason some people believe that veneers are only used for upper teeth is because if you are getting veneers placed, you will absolutely want them to be on the upper teeth. The upper teeth are far more visible than your lower teeth. For optimum results, though, it really is best to have both rows of teeth done. Typically, 6, 8, or 10 veneers per row are used. In cases when only the upper teeth are receiving veneers, the lower teeth are usually whitened so that they match the upper teeth. Each patient has uniquely shaped teeth and different cosmetic needs in general, so you may receive more or less veneers depending on your circumstances. Only a well-trained cosmetic dentist will be able to tell you for sure what is best for your smile.

If you are interested in learning if veneers are the right cosmetic option for you, contact our Los Angeles veneer expert to schedule a consultation.

Are Veneers for Upper Teeth Only?

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