Common Dental Treatments

Woman at the dentistry

Modern dental care includes treatments to prevent problems and restore teeth after damage and cosmetic flaws occur. With a full selection of treatments in these categories, our dentist in Northridge offers patients a convenient source of general dental wellness. Here is a look at the most common procedures available.

Preventive Treatments

Examples of preventive treatments are fluoride and sealants. With fluoride, patients are less likely to experience dental erosion and tooth sensitivity. Sealants prevent acids and bacteria from causing tooth damage.

Restorative Treatments

This category includes basic restorations, such as fillings, as well as more complex procedures. Inlays and onlays, also called indirect fillings, are available along with crowns, which cover the entire tooth. Root canal treatment eliminates infections from teeth so that extraction can be avoided.

Cosmetic Treatments

Some popular cosmetic procedures are teeth whitening, for removing surface stains, and veneers, which conceal discoloration and structural flaws. Patients can also get a smile makeover, which combines multiple procedures to rejuvenate oral appearance.

During exams, our dentist can explain options for patients who are looking to achieve restoration of their dental health and looks. Patients can schedule a consultation at our dental clinic in Northridge to learn more about common treatments and their applications.

Common Dental Treatments

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