Important Factors in Choosing Your Smile Makeover Dentist

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You have decided to take the plunge and get the smile you have always wanted. But how do you choose the right dentist for the job?

It Starts With You

Before you can choose the right dentist, you have to figure out exactly what you want. Think about what you like and do not like about your smile. Look at yourself in a mirror and decide what changes you would like. Look at pictures of others in magazines to find examples that you like and things that you would not like. Write everything down in a list and take it along with the pictures when you visit any dentist.

Finding a Dentist

Once you know what you want, you can look for the dentist that can deliver. Here are a few tips for finding a good dentist.

• Ask for referrals from family and friends who have received cosmetic dental treatment
• Ask trusted dental professionals for recommendations
• Read online patient reviews

When you get the name of a dentist, research that dentist online. Visit their website and read about the treatments and services they provide. Look at dental makeover before and after photos that appear on the website. Read any patient reviews you can find. Once you find a dentist you like, schedule a consultation to meet with them.

Meeting the Dentist

An in-person meeting with the dentist will help you gauge whether you like them. Are they a good listener? Do they invite questions and address concerns? If it seems like a good fit, you can move forward with having an oral exam. After examining your mouth, the dentist will work with you to come up with the treatment plan that best meets your needs.

Important Factors in Choosing Your Smile Makeover Dentist

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