What is the Color of Dental Bonding?

Woman at the dentistry

The process of mending a tooth decayed from a cavity has changed considerably during the history of dentistry. We used to have no other solution for pain in the teeth than to simply remove it. Now, fortunately, we are capable of procedures like dental bonding.

Dental bonding is the restorative act of applying a resin to a tooth that is damaged due to a crack, chip, or decay. It can also fix gapped or crooked teeth. Patients may chose, along with their Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist, to fix their damaged tooth with a dental filling, but bonding has become a much more preferred solution, as it is less invasive and more efficient.

If you are going to be receiving a dental bonding, you may be wondering how it will look as part of your smile. We used to only be capable of restoring damaged teeth with big, black crowns, which were very noticeable and what many people have a mental image of today when they think of fixing damaged teeth.

Fortunately, dentistry has come a long way in the cosmetic aspect of dental repair. Not only is the plastic resin that is used for bonding shaped and smoothed to fit your tooth, but it is also tooth-colored, so you no longer have to live with big dark splotches on your teeth.

For more information about the color of bonding, be sure to ask an expert in dental bonding in Beverly Hills.

What is the Color of Dental Bonding?

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