Why Do Teeth Become Painful?

Teeth can become painful for many reasons. These reasons are usually brought on by lack of dental care, but sometimes they are due to factors beyond our control. To understand why teeth can suddenly cause you pain, it is helpful to first understand the makeup of a tooth.

A tooth is a hollow bone, and protecting that bone is enamel. You can see the enamel on your teeth easily; in fact, it’s what makes your teeth look like they do. It is considered the hardest substance of your body. Inside the bone is the pulp. The pulp is where the nerves, blood vessels, a living connective tissues live. All cases of tooth decay are due to damage or decay to one of these three areas.

Common Causes:

• Infection: If you have a cavity, it means the enamel, or the strong substance protecting your tooth, has been worn down. The cavity thus allows bacteria to get into the inside of your tooth, or the pulp. If untreated, this can lead to severe pain.
• Gum disease: Serious gum disease, periodontitis, can lead to sensitive teeth, loose teeth, and pain when eating.
• Bruxism: This is a condition wherein you grind your teeth. Many patients do not even realize they do it. This can wear down the enamel on the top of your teeth considerably over time, and create a lack of protection.
• Trauma: Physical force to your teeth or surrounding areas can cause serious pain that should not go untreated by a painful teeth dentist in Los Angeles, as it can lead to many more problems.

If you are experiencing pain in one or more of your teeth, be sure to contact an emergency dentist right away.

Why Do Teeth Become Painful?

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