Invisalign Teen and How It Differs from Full Invisalign

Orthodontic treatment is most commonly done during the teenage years. This is because the process must wait until the teeth are fully grown, but not developed enough that they are difficult to move. As teens especially do not wish to endure the clunky and highly visible traditional metal braces, Invisalign has become a popular alternative method of correcting the teeth.

This has prompted several differences between Invisalign intended for adults and Invisalign intended for teens. The differences include:


  • Blue indicators. As teens can sometimes be more forgetful, or showcase fewer signs of initiative, trays come with indicators that will show whether they are being worn enough. The trays should be worn between twenty and twenty-two hours a day, and if they are, they will appear clear. Their orthodontist and parents will know if they are being worn less by the presence of a blue spot that has not faded away with use.


  • Allowing for growth. Aligners are made to compensate for the growth of molars and new teeth.


  • Invisalign teen offers up to six replacement aligners. Teens frequent many different places during the week, including school, clubs, practices, and friends’ houses. This means there are a lot of different places their trays can be left and forgotten. With as many as six free replacements, lost appliances are less of a worry and source of stress.


To find out more, ask our expert in Invisalign Teen in Rocklin.

Invisalign Teen and How It Differs from Full Invisalign

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