How Long Does Multiple Tooth Implant Placement Process Take?

If you are missing teeth, or require teeth to be removed, it is likely you will need a multiple tooth implant. Because more than one tooth needs replacing, you may be wondering about how long the process takes. Fortunately, it is unlikely an implant procedure will require more overall time when dealing with several replacements versus just one. While you may spend a bit more time in the dentist’s chair, the healing times, which make up the bulk of the process period, will not extend.

That being said, the implant process does usually take several months from start to finish. Here is an idea of the steps involved and how long they take.

1) Your damaged teeth are removed, if not already missing by an expert in tooth implants in Beverly Hills.
2) Your jawbone is prepared for surgery, which may involve bone grafting, depending on your volume of bone density. These first two steps typically occur in one session.
3) A short healing period is required for the jawbone to heal. This can take a few weeks.
4) During your next visit, an oral surgeon will place metal posts into the jaw bone tissue.
5) More healing time is required for the posts to integrate with the bone. This can require as little as two, and as long as nine months.
6) During your last visit in the process, an abutment is placed, as well as your new artificial teeth, or crowns.

As you can see, the process is a lengthy one. However, more than one implant can be placed and heal at the same time, making the process much shorter than if placed separately.

How Long Does Multiple Tooth Implant Placement Process Take?

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