Can Lumineers be Taken Off?

Beautiful surprised woman isolated on whiteIn most cases, Lumineers are reversible. Some potential patients worry about changing their minds after placement, either because they consider their smiles still not up to code or because further orthodontic work is required. Because they do not require any modification of tooth structure, Lumineers can be removed with nobody the wiser.

The attraction of Lumineers is the lack of invasion. Whereas other kinds of dental veneers require the teeth to be filed down minutely, Lumineers are bonded directly to the teeth. The proprietary technology of Lumineers makes them unusually thin, meaning they do not cause the teeth to look bulky or oversized after placement.

There are ways for you to guarantee your Lumineers will please you, thereby avoiding any removal concerns. You should consult heavily with our expert in Lumineers in Northridge, making sure you have the best information about what Lumineers can do for you. It also helps to look at Lumineers reviews and before and after pictures. In some cases, you may be able to wear temporary or provisional Lumineers in order to get the best feel for the product.

For more about Lumineers, contact our cosmetic dentists in Northridge.

Can Lumineers be Taken Off?

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