Can Veneers Get Damaged?

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Veneers are one of the most beautiful ways to transform your smile. These thin porcelain shells cover the fronts of teeth with a layer of translucent porcelain for a luminous finish and a smile that just will not quit. Veneers can be placed in just two to three visits to our office. Our cosmetic dentist in Huntington Beach can help you decide if veneers are right for you.

Once veneers are applied to your teeth, they can last for 15 years or more, but they do need to be maintained. Although the porcelain used to create them is extremely strong and durable, it can be damaged by some habits. Some things that could damage your veneers include:

  1. Using your teeth as tools
    Opening packages or tearing things with your teeth or veneers could lead to chips or cracks in the porcelain. Use scissors or other tools instead.


  1. Biting your nails, pencils, or other nonfood items
    This exposes your veneers to incredible bite forces that could chip or otherwise damage your veneers. Use the proper tools for these jobs.


  1. Chewing on ice or other extremely hard foods
    You may need to avoid hard or sticky caramels, nuts, and other really hard foods, which could damage your veneers.


  1. Tooth grinding
    If you have veneers and grind your teeth, you could do serious damage to the porcelain and your natural teeth. Wear a night guard to protect both your teeth and your new coverings.


  1. Poor dental hygiene
    Veneers will not decay, but the teeth beneath them are still vulnerable to oral bacteria. If you fail to brush and floss properly, your teeth could develop cavities, which could cause the veneers to fail.

These habits can also damage your natural teeth and should be avoided whenever possible. Call us today to learn more or to schedule your veneers consultation with our expert in porcelain veneers in Huntington Beach.

Can Veneers Get Damaged?

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