How Do Mini Implants Function?

Our teeth are the strongest bones we have in our body. They need to be tough in order to rip, tear, and chew away at the food we eat. They even have a layer of protective covering called enamel that makes sure they are as strong as they need to be. But sometimes accidents occur, or we fail to take the appropriate measures needed to care for our teeth, and we lose them. In these cases, a dentist might suggest dental implants. In certain cases, they may recommend mini dental implants.

Mini dental implants, or MDI’s, are narrower than regular implants, and are used if smaller teeth or incisors are missing. They are also used when a patient needs stabilization in the lower jaw, a replacement in a narrower area, or for a pre-molar tooth. They generally function in the same fashion as full sized dental implants, by supporting artificial replacement teeth.

Some main differences between mini implants and regular implants include:

  • Mini implants are less costly options.
  • Mini implants are about half the width of their regular implants.
  • Mini implants are solid, and do not contain a screw.
  • An implant is not fully submerged during a narrow implant procedure.
  • Should implant failure occur, the small size (think the size of a toothpick) means grafting is not necessary.

For more information, contact our office.

How Do Mini Implants Function?

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