Different Types of Dental Sedation

Woman at the dentistry

Dental sedation exists so people with dental phobia do not have to neglect their oral health. Dental phobia is very real, with its sufferers staying away from the dentist because of a childhood memory or a sensory trigger. With sedation, these patients can schedule exams and procedures knowing the experience will not be traumatic.

The following four types of sedation are widely used:

• Inhaled minimal sedation – The patient receives nitrous oxide through a mask, which brings a feeling of relaxation or even euphoria. The effects wear off quickly.

• Oral sedation – A pill from the Valium family is given before the procedure, inducing calm along with a general sense of sleepy well-being. Patients unfamiliar with the effects of this drug may even drift off for a nap.

• Intravenous moderate sedation – IVs work much faster than pills, and can be used as long as the patient does not also fear needles. Using an IV allows our expert in sedation dentistry in Beverly Hills to adjust the flow of medication as needed. Note that a pill may also be used for moderate sedation, depending on dosage. Under moderate sedation, the patient may have no memory of the procedure.

• Deep sedation/general anesthesia

• The patient is fully unconscious for the duration of the procedure.

For more about sedation dentistry, contact your Beverly Hills dentist.

Different Types of Dental Sedation

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