What are the Benefits of Same Day Crowns?

0054Crowns and similar restorations not only strengthen teeth that have suffered damage, or patch together teeth that have just undergone a procedure. They also protect the teeth from sustaining further damage, such as deep decay or chips. It used to take two or more appointments to get a tooth capped with a crown, but thanks to new technology, we can now do it in just one day.

About Same Day Crowns

Our dentist in Agoura Hills will begin your appointment by examining the tooth in question and taking 3D images of it. These will be sent to a CAD/CAM machine, which stands for Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing. Using CEREC technology, the machine can use the desired material to create your crown.


The most impressive benefits of this Same Day Crown technology are the accuracy and the speed. Patients no longer have to be worried about whether their crown will fit well, as this method eliminates the possibility of human error. They can also wait in our office while it is being made, instead of having to interrupt their busy schedule with several appointments.

Check to see if your dentist offers Same Day Crowns, and has a CAD/CAM machine at their location, so you can reap the benefits of this new technology if it is needed.

What are the Benefits of Same Day Crowns?

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