How Metal Braces Work

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Though there are several, more modern orthodontic appliances available today that are often preferred by patients, traditional metal braces are the best at correcting a vast amount of issues. They may not be clear or comfortable, but they are the most useful and effective. The following explains how metal braces work.

After an exam and decision to proceed with traditional braces, our Rocklin orthodontist will take an impression of the teeth and any other images if necessary. These will be used to track the progression of the teeth throughout treatment. They will then proceed to bond metal brackets to the teeth, either on one arch or both. Brackets used today are typically smaller than those used in the past. A metal wire is then threaded through them. It is this wire that works to move the teeth into correct places. The patient must attend regular appointments to get the wire tightened. The pressure created by the tight wire forces the teeth to move. The teeth rearrange best when moved slowly, so regular tightening appointments over the course of several months are required for correct treatment.

The ends of the wires and the brackets can be abrasive against the soft tissue of the mouth. Our expert in metal braces in Rocklin can provide patients with wax or other solutions for this problem. Basic medications are sufficient in alleviating pain from the pressure.

How Metal Braces Work

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