Caring for Teeth after Whitening

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The results of professional teeth whitening can last for months or longer, but keeping your smile pristine afterwards calls for taking certain steps at home. Additional care may also be beneficial if you have sensitive teeth afterwards. Here are some ways to care for your smile after you have your teeth whitened by our San Francisco cosmetic dentist.

How to Avoid Stains

Some lifestyle factors are notorious for causing stained teeth. Among staining foods and beverages, the worst include wine, chocolate, berries, coffee, and soda. Tobacco, whether smoked or chewed, can quickly turn your whitened smile a yellow-gray color. If you do encounter these staining factors, rinsing with water and brushing 20 minutes afterwards may help reduce discoloration.

“Just make sure if you have some acidic foods, you don’t brush your teeth for at least 20 minutes to let saliva buffer the acid, or you would cause damage to you enamel.”, says our dentist.

“Research shows the highest amount of tooth wear is when acid and abrasion (tooth wear from brushing) are combined together. It’s ok to rinse your mouth after having something acidic but don’t brush right away.”

How to Resolve Teeth Sensitivity

Fluoride is often effective at eliminating teeth sensitivity. Each day, brush your teeth gently using a fluoride toothpaste. If necessary, you can also ask our dentist about special gel products containing higher concentrations of fluoride for direct application to teeth.

Store-bought teeth whiteners, such as toothpastes and strips, can also be used to help preserve your new look. However, particularly with abrasive-based products, you should avoid frequent use, as teeth sensitivity or visible enamel loss could result. You can schedule a consultation with our expert in teeth whitening in San Francisco to find out more about post-whitening care.

Caring for Teeth after Whitening

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