How Often Do You Need to See Your Invisalign Doctor?

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Invisalign aligners are clear aligners that fit over your teeth similar to a retainer, and gradually move the teeth by applying consistent pressure. Teens and adults often prefer Invisalign because they are interested in a more discreet option that allows them to straighten their teeth without metal or visible brackets and wires. The removable aligners are less disruptive, allowing patients to continue to eat and drink whatever they want.

How often you are seen during treatment with Invisalign can depend on several factors. Our Los Angeles orthodontist will explain how frequent your visits should be when we develop your treatment plan. You may need to visit us about every four to six weeks, but less frequent visits are possible for some patients. Because you have more control over your treatment than with braces, you will have less chair time than you would have if you had opted for braces.

You will need to visit our office to get new aligners periodically and to ensure your treatment is progressing as expected. You will also need to continue to schedule normal dental exams and cleanings as you usually would. Call us to learn more or to schedule an appointment with our Invisalign doctor.

How Often Do You Need to See Your Invisalign Doctor?

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