How to Get Invisalign

Young woman touching her face isolated on white background.

The steps for Invisalign begin with a comprehensive evaluation of your teeth and bite. During this evaluation, our team will examine your smile to diagnose your malocclusion, determine the best treatment options, and begin to create your treatment plan. After your evaluation, we will explain your options and our recommendations, which might include Invisalign.

The next step is to create the treatment plan. We take dental X-rays, impressions, and other records to develop a virtual model of your teeth and jaws. This 3D model is used as a basis for your treatment plan, and the movements are mapped as each tooth’s position is adjusted until your virtual bite is perfectly balanced and your teeth are in their proper spaces. Next, the Invisalign lab will create your aligners based on this treatment plan. The aligners apply pressure to your teeth to move them according to the plan.

The final step is to begin treatment. You will wear your aligners at all times unless you are attending to dental hygiene or eating. Aligners can be changed every two weeks, which maintains your progress and moves your teeth a little bit each time. Most people wear Invisalign for twelve to eighteen months. Call us to learn more or to schedule an appointment with our expert in Invisalign in Beverly Hills.

How to Get Invisalign

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