Cure for Sensitive Teeth


Teeth can become sensitive as the enamel layer wears thin. This tends to occur as a result of age, acid erosion, or aggressive dental habits. The enamel provides insulation for the dentin layer, which has tiny tubules that transmit sensation to the nerve of the tooth. Sensitive teeth treatment can help restore comfort to your teeth and reduce sensitivity.

One of the simplest treatments for sensitive teeth is using the right toothpaste. Desensitizing toothpastes use special ingredients that block the transmission of painful sensations to the nerve. These toothpastes can take several weeks to work, but they can be quite effective for many patients.

If desensitizing toothpaste cannot give you the relief you need, you might consider a professional fluoride treatment. Fluoride is a mineral that helps harden enamel. Professional treatments are available as varnishes, paints, and pastes and are applied directly to the teeth. They go to work quickly and can help stop the pain.

Some patients might continue to have sensitivity as a result of gum recession. Gum recession can require more aggressive treatments, such as dental bonding or gum grafts to cover the exposed tooth roots. Call us now to learn more about treating tooth sensitivity or to make an appointment with our emergency dentists in LA.

Cure for Sensitive Teeth

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