Effectiveness of Dental Sealants

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Dental sealants are often recommended for children as soon as their permanent molars erupt, but they can also be used for adults. Sealants are applied to the chewing surfaces of these teeth and help protect the surfaces from bacteria and plaque. Our Santa Clara dentist can help you decide if sealants are right for you. According to the NIH, dental sealants are highly effective and offer one hundred percent protection in completely sealed pits and fissures.

The pits and fissures of the molars are one of the highest risk surfaces of the teeth when it comes to cavities. According to the National Dental Caries Prevalence Survey, eighty-four percent of cavities in kids who are between the ages of five and seventeen occur in the pits and fissures. Sealants cover the chewing surfaces of molars and premolars and prevent bacterial contamination and acid damage, which cause tooth decay and cavities. Once sealants are placed, they can last several years, and are easy to replace as needed.

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Effectiveness of Dental Sealants

How are Veneers Placed on Teeth?

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Procedurally, veneers are almost always smooth sailing. Typically it takes two weeks from impression to final fit, as it takes that long for the ceramist to craft your veneers. If your dentist does not have a milling machine, they use a ceramist at a laboratory off-site.

Veneers that are not milled may be better for your smile anyway. Milled veneers do not color-correct, whereas veneers from a lab are curated exactly to your needs.

The initial step is called trimming, in which the dentist removes enough enamel from the tooth or teeth to ensure proper fit. Veneers do not have to look bulky, but they might if existing tooth structure is not altered slightly. This can be done without anesthetic, but if you have cold sensitivity or a dental phobia you may require it.

Translucence and color correctness are two of the most important elements of your veneer. The dentist will use a shade guide to choose between samples, with your help. They may mix and match different colors in the laminate to make sure it matches.

In the final stage, either 2 weeks later or in the same session (if the dentist mills on-site), your tooth will be bonded with an acid etching gel. This, combined with hydrofluoric acid inside the veneer, affixes the veneer permanently to the tooth.

For more about veneers, contact your Beverly Hills veneer dentist.

How are Veneers Placed on Teeth?

Periodontal Abscess and How to Deal with It


Gum disease is typically painless and does much of its damage without many noticeable symptoms. A periodontal abscess is different. This is a type of infection that is often extremely painful and can occur suddenly. A periodontal abscess may be accompanied by redness, swelling, pain and bleeding. It may occur near the neck of the tooth or in a periodontal pocket. Our Los Angeles periodontists will need to examine the area, take X-rays and determine the most appropriate treatment for you.

An abscess is a localized infection and will typically need to be drained. This can be done through the periodontal pocket or through an incision using local anesthesia to keep you comfortable and eliminate pain. The area will be thoroughly cleaned to remove any foreign material and bacteria. If the root of the tooth was involved in the infection, you may also need a root canal treatment. You may then be given antibiotics or pain medication depending on your needs.

Good dental hygiene can help prevent periodontal abscesses. Brush, floss and visit us regularly. Rinse with an antimicrobial mouthwash to kill bacteria, and eat a healthy, balanced diet. Call our expert in treating periodontal abscess in Los Angeles to schedule your appointment.

Periodontal Abscess and How to Deal with It

Sleep Apnea and Shortness of Breath

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Sleep apnea is characterized by several breathing difficulties. The airway may be impacted by genetic factors, such as an overlarge tongue, or it may be compressed by body weight. Shortness of breath is often reported by sleep apnea sufferers, especially the overweight.

Sleep apnea researchers are divided on whether or not apnea can cause shortness of breath during the day, so you should tell your doctor if you have this. It may be indicative of a respiratory, autoimmune, or cardiac condition.

Shortness of breath can also be caused by reflux or esophageal spams. These are at least indirectly related to sleep apnea. If the patient is overweight, breathing difficulty may even lead to anxiety or panic attacks.

During sleep, the body will wake itself up if oxygen deprivation is detected. This process can happen as many as 30 times per hour of sleep in severe cases. Naturally, these constant interruptions leave the patient tired, irritable, and subject to headache during the day.

Causes of sleep apnea include obesity, drinking and smoking habits, neck circumference, and being male—sleep apnea is more common in men. Obviously, there are lifestyle changes you can make to get yourself out of the risk area. Try to lose weight, and try to quit smoking.

For information on sleep apnea centers, contact someone from our group.

Sleep Apnea and Shortness of Breath

How Often Can You Have Your Teeth Whitened?


Reports vary, but most whitening dentists trust you to whiten once a year chairside, with touchups on your own in between. If you are using exclusively at-home products, it is generally accepted that you can use them safely once a day—but only for two weeks at a time.

Our expert in teeth whitening in Northridge always recommends chairside service, since the chemicals are stronger and you can get many shades of brightness in one session. However, if you are on a budget or just prefer the DIY aspect of over-the-counter products, you may see some positive results on your own. Just remember, hydrogen peroxide can be extremely detrimental to your enamel if used incorrectly.

If you drink lots of coffee, you may need to whiten more often than someone who exclusively drinks water or clears. If you have problems with discoloring, you should schedule a dental exam and cleaning before making your next whitening appointment. Clean teeth always whiten better.

You can tell you are overwhitening if you start to have symptoms like increased tooth sensitivity or burning in your gums. If these occur, cease whitening treatments immediately and contact your Northridge cosmetic dentist.

How Often Can You Have Your Teeth Whitened?

Using Crowns to Cover Cosmetic Dental Problems

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Smile makeovers have become the popular new trend in cosmetic dentistry. The beneficial process works to correct multiple cosmetic flaws in the smile either during just one appointment, or else within a short period of time.

A few dental problems our Los Angeles smile makeover expert can address include:

  • Stains
  • Chips
  • Cracks
  • Breaks
  • Crooked teeth
  • Gaps and crowding
  • Old restorations
  • Gummy smile

Our expert uses a variety of treatments and procedures to correct these issues. They include dental bonding, teeth whitening, and gum grafting. Another important cosmetic tool is the dental crown. Dental crowns are made to look exactly like a natural part of the smile, and can cover any type of tooth from crown to gumline. They are used for both cosmetic and restorative purposes. For example, a tooth that has become discolored over time and will not respond to whitening can be covered with a crown made to match the shade of the other teeth. Crowns can also work to fortify and hold together teeth that have suffered damage, such as cracks and breaks.

If you have a tooth that needs work, our expert in porcelain crowns in Los Angeles will be able to help. Schedule an appointment to see how a porcelain dental crown can transform your smile.

Using Crowns to Cover Cosmetic Dental Problems

Steps for Getting a Smile Makeover

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If you are not completely happy with your smile, it might be time for a change. A new smile can give you renewed confidence and can improve your overall quality of life. Our expert in smile makeover in Los Angeles can help you decide if this cosmetic dentistry option is the right choice for you.

Step One

The first step in a smile makeover is determining your candidacy. At your consultation, we can examine your smile, take records, and learn more about your goals. We will talk to you about your options and explore alternatives.

Step Two

The next step is to create a treatment plan. Smile makeovers can be simple or complex. They can include one or a few treatments, or involve completely rebuilding each aspect of your smile. Your treatment plan will involve the procedures needed to reach your goals and address your concerns.

Step Three

Finally, we will implement this treatment plan. Depending on what is needed, this can be done in a single appointment or over the course of a few, and may include teeth whitening, dental bonding, enamel contouring, orthodontics, porcelain veneers, crowns, implants, and other treatments.

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Steps for Getting a Smile Makeover