Can You Have Multiple Teeth Replaced by Dental Implants?

Beautiful surprised woman isolated on whiteDental implants are the preferred restoration for replacing missing teeth. Some patients seek treatment for multiple missing teeth, creating gaps in different parts of the mouth. Dental implants can be used for multiple missing teeth in several different ways.

For missing teeth that are in different areas of the arch, individual dental implants can be placed. This is a process that often takes several months. A hole is created in the jawbone to make room for a titanium post. This post will need time to heal and fuse with the jaw bone tissue. Once that is complete, the patient will return to cap the post with an abutment and crown. Our Beverly Hills implants doctor can likely perform this process for both missing teeth at the same time.

Dental implants can also be used for dental bridges. If three or more teeth are missing in a row, dental implants can be placed on either side of the gap to support pontics, or artificial teeth. The implants will be placed in the same way as they are to replace individual teeth, but are also attached to pontics in between.

Our expert in multiple teeth dental implants in Beverly Hills will inform you during a consultation appointment if you are a good candidate for this option.

Can You Have Multiple Teeth Replaced by Dental Implants?

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