Purpose of Wearing Invisalign Retainer

Orthodontics in Los Angeles

Finishing your Invisalign treatment plan is an exciting milestone. You are ready to stop wearing your aligners and unveil your new smile! However, you might have one more step to complete: retention. Our expert in orthodontics in Los Angeles may recommend wearing a retainer to keep your teeth exactly where they need to be and protect your investment in your smile.

An Invisalign retainer looks much like the aligners you wore during active treatment. Its job is not to move your teeth but to maintain their new position. Once your teeth stop moving, your jawbone and soft tissue will need to adjust to holding them in place. The day-to-day bite forces could put enough pressure cause them to drift back towards their original positions, a condition called orthodontic relapse.

Wearing your Invisalign retainer as recommended can keep your smile looking just as good as the day you completed treatment. The retainer is just as comfortable to wear as the Invisalign aligners, and you will need to wear it as recommended for the best results. Most patients are able to decrease use over time as their teeth’s position becomes stable, but periodically wearing your retainer is the best way to ensure your teeth never drift out of position.

Call our Invisalign retainer dentist in Los Angeles today to learn more or to schedule an appointment with our team.

Purpose of Wearing Invisalign Retainer

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