Use of Laser in Dentistry

Woman at the dentistry

Dental lasers are one of the most advanced treatment tools in modern dentistry. This technology minimizes the risk of post-operative discomfort and can even speed healing. Our cosmetic dentist can use laser dentistry in a variety of applications to improve and transform your smile.

Some common uses for dental lasers include:

• Removal of decayed tissue
• Preparation for cavity treatments
• Etching or roughening enamel for bonding, sealants, or other treatments
• Soft tissue biopsy
• Exposing impacted teeth
• Surgical and nonsurgical periodontal treatments
• Gum tissue shaping and removal
• Crown lengthening
• Canker sore treatment
• Root canal cleaning and treatment
• Removal of pathological tissues
• Teeth whitening

Dental drills are associated with vibration, heat, and pressure, which can all cause pain and anxiety. Lasers are able to treat soft and hard tissues without any of these factors, which means that patients need fewer shots, less anesthesia, and often feel more relaxed during treatment. The laser also reduces bleeding, swelling, and post-operative pain. Greater precision means less damage to surrounding areas and greater conservation of precious tooth structure.

Although lasers are highly effective in both soft and hard tissue applications, they are not necessarily the best choice for every treatment or procedure. Call our office to learn more or to schedule an appointment with our laser dentist in Los Angeles.

Use of Laser in Dentistry

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