Periodontal Abscess and How to Deal with It


Gum disease is typically painless and does much of its damage without many noticeable symptoms. A periodontal abscess is different. This is a type of infection that is often extremely painful and can occur suddenly. A periodontal abscess may be accompanied by redness, swelling, pain and bleeding. It may occur near the neck of the tooth or in a periodontal pocket. Our Los Angeles periodontists will need to examine the area, take X-rays and determine the most appropriate treatment for you.

An abscess is a localized infection and will typically need to be drained. This can be done through the periodontal pocket or through an incision using local anesthesia to keep you comfortable and eliminate pain. The area will be thoroughly cleaned to remove any foreign material and bacteria. If the root of the tooth was involved in the infection, you may also need a root canal treatment. You may then be given antibiotics or pain medication depending on your needs.

Good dental hygiene can help prevent periodontal abscesses. Brush, floss and visit us regularly. Rinse with an antimicrobial mouthwash to kill bacteria, and eat a healthy, balanced diet. Call our expert in treating periodontal abscess in Los Angeles to schedule your appointment.

Periodontal Abscess and How to Deal with It

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