How are Veneers Placed on Teeth?

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Procedurally, veneers are almost always smooth sailing. Typically it takes two weeks from impression to final fit, as it takes that long for the ceramist to craft your veneers. If your dentist does not have a milling machine, they use a ceramist at a laboratory off-site.

Veneers that are not milled may be better for your smile anyway. Milled veneers do not color-correct, whereas veneers from a lab are curated exactly to your needs.

The initial step is called trimming, in which the dentist removes enough enamel from the tooth or teeth to ensure proper fit. Veneers do not have to look bulky, but they might if existing tooth structure is not altered slightly. This can be done without anesthetic, but if you have cold sensitivity or a dental phobia you may require it.

Translucence and color correctness are two of the most important elements of your veneer. The dentist will use a shade guide to choose between samples, with your help. They may mix and match different colors in the laminate to make sure it matches.

In the final stage, either 2 weeks later or in the same session (if the dentist mills on-site), your tooth will be bonded with an acid etching gel. This, combined with hydrofluoric acid inside the veneer, affixes the veneer permanently to the tooth.

For more about veneers, contact your Beverly Hills veneer dentist.

How are Veneers Placed on Teeth?

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