Is Getting Lumineers Expensive?

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Cost of Lumineers varies as much as the rest of cosmetic dentistry, which is predicated largely on skill and quality of materials. The technology of Lumineers takes care of the quality part, and if you choose our Los Angeles Lumineers expert, you can make sure your Lumineers are installed with ease and security.

Most dental insurance does not cover Lumineers due to its elective nature. Ask your doctor about payment plans or financing opportunities. Lumineers are priced per tooth, and some dentists may have a program by which you receive a discount for additional teeth.

Price for the product may also vary from city to city, and even from doctor to doctor. Experience is a big factor in how much dentists can reasonably charge.

As always, Lumineers are case-dependent, and this also affects the average cost of Lumineers. The size of your teeth, their condition, and again, number of teeth to be fixed are all conditions.

Remember that no matter your quote, you can rely on Lumineers to last for up to 20 years with proper care. So this is a worthwhile investment. If anything, you can expect Lumineers to be slightly cheaper than porcelain veneers.

Is Getting Lumineers Expensive?

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