How Affordable Is Invisalign?

Invisalign and bespoke dental products like it usually operate on a sliding scale of expense. Because straightening your teeth is borderline elective—you don’t need straight teeth to live your life, in other words—your dental insurance may not cover all the expense. The bulk of your Invisalign expense may come out of pocket, and this amount can vary widely. Factors to consider include:

Where you live

Dentistry is more expensive in major metro areas, especially those with ties to the beauty industry. So if you live in Los Angeles, expect to pay more than you would in Shreveport.

Severity of your case

Invisalign dentists typically only approve the product for cases of mild to moderate gapping, crowding, spacing, or rotation. Severely crooked teeth, or orthodontic issues that are related to the jaw or bite, can sometimes be solved more efficiently with traditional braces.

Experience of the dentist

Invisalign has a ranking system for its practitioners: Preferred, Premier, and Premier Elite. These rankings are not just about total number of cases, but about recency (how many cases the provider has completed in the last few months). If your Invisalign provider in Los Angeles is Premier or Premier Elite, the service may cost more.

Ask our dentist for ways to lower your Invisalign cost in Los Angeles.

How Affordable Is Invisalign?

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