When were Veneers First Used?

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The first dental veneers were invented in 1930 by Dr. Charles Pincus, a California dentist. These veneers were temporary and designed to be used in the movie industry. They would be attached to the teeth of actors to create glamorous smiles during filming. Before the days of preventive dentistry, people often had teeth that were broken, chipped, stained and decaying teeth, which looked even worse on the big screen. Veneers made it easy to fix the actors’ flawed smiles, and soon, the legendary Hollywood smile was born.

These early veneers were much different from today’s veneers. They were not designed to last long, and primarily actors used them. Over the next several decades, dentists experimented with materials and bonding techniques to create veneers that could adhere to teeth for longer than a filming session. In 1982, a new veneer process was discovered. A special etching liquid could be applied to teeth, creating a rough surface that would enhance the bond between the veneer and the tooth. Adding a porcelain veneer to this new technique resulted in natural-looking veneers and a long-lasting bond.

Today, patients can expect their veneers to last 15 years or more. Call our office today to schedule your appointment with our expert in porcelain veneer in Los Angeles.

When were Veneers First Used?

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