What You Should Do with a Broken Tooth


Your teeth are made to be very strong. However, your teeth can become weaker due to decay or other factors. You could break a tooth from a direct impact or from biting hard objects. You might be surprised to learn that it does not always hurt when you break a tooth. You may not notice the break until you run over the jagged edge with your tongue or during your oral hygiene routine. If a break results in exposure of the nerve, you are sure to know it from the potential excruciating pain this may cause.

If you notice that a tooth has broken, make an appointment with your dental care provider as soon as possible. To manage the pain, you can rinse with warm water and bite down gently on a tea bag or a clean piece of gauze. Cold compresses may be used on the cheek and jaw, and you can take over-the-counter pain medication.

In many cases, the tooth can be saved. An expert in treatment of a broken tooth in Los Angeles will determine the severity of the issue in order to recommend the best options for treatment.

What You Should Do with a Broken Tooth

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