Can TMJ Affect Your Vision?


The trickiest part of a proper TMJ diagnosis is figuring out what exactly can be blamed on your TMJ, or temporomandibular joint. TMJ is a strange condition that can manifest differently in every sufferer. Vision problems may be your only symptom, or one of several, but most patients instantly wonder how this particular symptom could ever make sense. Is your jaw really connected to your eyes?

The answer is yes, which is part of what makes TMJ so difficult. Since the TMJ is a double joint, appearing on either side of the face, it dominates masticatory and cranio-vertebral function—chewing, speaking, and breathing. With such a heavy workload, the slightest jolt in routine can cause massive failures in the system. This includes disturbances in vision.

TMJ pain is regulated by the trigeminal nerve. This is one reason TMJ symptoms tend to be literally all over the place: the trigeminal nerve innervates everything from the Eustachian tubes to the sinus lining. The nerve itself has three branches: maxillary, mandibular, and ophthalmic. The first two relate to the jaw, and the second relates to the eyes.

As you can see, because of its interconnection with the trigeminal nerve, any TMJ disturbance could present as blurred vision or sensitivity to light. Schedule a consult with our Los Angeles TMJ pain treatment expert today.

Can TMJ Affect Your Vision?

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