What You Should Know About Zoom Whitening

Young business woman smiling

Certain foods, drinks, and lifestyle habits can lead to brown and yellowed teeth. These include red sauces, berries, coffee, tea, and smoking tobacco. This can lead to self-consciousness about your smile, and a look that you don’t take pride in. Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry offers teeth whitening treatment in order to get your smile back to sparling and bright.

Zoom is one type of whitening treatment. Impressive effects are possible due to a unique formula and process. The material contains hydrogen peroxide, carbamide peroxide, amorphous calcium phosphate, and potassium nitrate. These materials provide bleaching intensity, enamel protection, and even comfort.

Our Houston cosmetic dentist will use a barrier around the mouth to protect the soft tissues, such as the gums and the lips. The Zoom gel is applied and left on the teeth for fifteen minutes at a time. The ingredients are activated by a special Zoom light, so the peroxide can take effect. This is done for three cycles of fifteen minutes.

If you are a candidate for regular teeth whitening, you are likely also able to get Zoom whitening. Those with severely sensitive teeth should address this issue first before whitening treatment, as the material can make it worse for a few days.

What You Should Know About Zoom Whitening

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