How Does Soda Affect the Teeth?

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You may have heard from many sources that soda is horribly bad for you, but you might still be wondering why. One of the ways that soda is bad for you is because it is detrimental to the teeth. The teeth are harmed by this drink for several reasons.

The first reason why soda is bad for your teeth is due to the high level of sugar content. This sugar teams up with the bacteria in your mouth to attack your dental enamel. Without this important level of protection, the teeth are more susceptible to plaque, and therefore decay. This can also lead to tooth sensitivity, which is typically very difficult to treat.

Phosphoric acid is also present in many types of sodas. Dentists actually use phosphoric acid to eliminate enamel for some dental procedures, so you can imagine what soda does to the teeth. Just like sugar, phosphoric acid slowly wears away at dental enamel, an irreversible issue.

You should also keep in mind that soda will stain your teeth. Bacteria activated by the sugars in the drink will cause the teeth to turn yellow over time.

If decay reaches a certain point, affected teeth will need to be seen by an endodontist, an expert in the inside and structure of teeth. To ensure your teeth are safe from the harms of soda, avoid drinking the liquid and opt for water instead.

How Does Soda Affect the Teeth?

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