Are Lumineers Better than Veneers?

portraits of pretty teen sistersLumineers and veneers are similar dental restorations that are used primarily for cosmetic purposes. Both use thin layers of porcelain to conceal visible flaws on the surfaces of teeth. Our cosmetic dentist can use Lumineers and veneers to cover chips, discolorations, stains, worn enamel, cracks, gapped teeth and other common flaws.

Both have pros and cons that make them great choices for different smiles. Veneers are usually placed in about three visits while Lumineers only take two. The difference is due to the preparation process. Lumineers rarely require any preparation of the tooth’s surface unlike veneers, which require teeth to be trimmed or adjusted so that the veneers can be bonded comfortably to the teeth. Lumineers are thinner than veneers, so they can be placed right over the top of the teeth without shaving the teeth.

This makes Lumineers a more conservative restoration as well as a reversible one, and many people prefer their simplicity. However, some patients may benefit from the more complex preparation process associated with veneers due to the nature of their dental needs. Call our Lumineers dentist in West Hollywood today to learn more about whether Lumineers or veneers are best for your smile or to schedule your appointment with our team.

Are Lumineers Better than Veneers?

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