Is Invisalign Express a Good Option for Me?

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Are your teeth not perfectly straight but not uncommonly crowded, either? You may not need the full Invisalign treatment. Invisalign Express, as the name indicates, provides a faster track toward straighter, less crowded teeth. If you qualify for Invisalign Express, or Express 10 as your doctor may call it, you could reach your goal after just 10 aligners, which takes about 6 months. By contrast, Invisalign Full requires 20 to 30 aligners.

This faster treatment may be right for you if you had braces as a teen but saw orthodontic relapse in the years after it. Retainer usage after treatment ends, for both braces and Invisalign, is critical to keeping straight teeth. However, most people aren’t good at retainer usage, and their teeth fall back into old patterns. Invisalign Express is an excellent corrective in these cases.

Our expert in Invisalign Express in LA lists the following prerequisites for Invisalign Express:

  • Less than 2mm of crowding or spacing per arch
  • Less than 2mm of midline correction required
  • Less than 1.5mm of expansion required per arch

This won’t be data you’ll know on your own, obviously. At your consult, our Invisalign provider in Los Angeles can answer any questions you have.

Is Invisalign Express a Good Option for Me?

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