How Do Lumineers Work?

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If you have some cosmetic issues that affect the look of your smile, you have many different options to correct these matters. However, there is a solution that can correct several small problems at once with the use of ceramic coverings. While veneers were the go-to choice for many years, there is a thinner options that requires less damage to the teeth.

Lumineers are very thin ceramic coverings for the teeth. They are practically as thin as contact lenses, so they can be attached more easily to the fronts of your teeth to cover gaps, chips, and discoloration, while also helping to give a straighter, more even appearance to your entire smile.

In order for these ceramic masks to be attached to the teeth, a small portion needs to be removed from the front of each tooth in order for the coverings to fit securely without adding extra thickness. Because this product is ultra thin, very little from the surface of each tooth will need to be removed before the ceramic can be attached. This process usually consists of two appointments. Your dentist can help you decide if this is a good option to help you.

How Do Lumineers Work?

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