Benefits of Invisalign Express

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In orthodontics today, there any many different choices when it comes to appliances. For example, while traditional metal braces used to be the only option, patients can now opt for ceramic or lingual braces. This is also true of Invisalign treatment. While most will be candidates for Invisalign Full, Invisalign Teen and Express are also available. Invisalign Express is one orthodontic treatment option that offers many benefits.

Full treatment with Invisalign can take as long as eighteen months to address all of a patient’s structural dental flaws. This will require between twenty and thirty aligners. However, patients with only a few mild flaws do not need to undergo the full process, and can see results in a shorter period of time. Express treatment usually only requires six months, and about ten aligners, to be effective.

This makes this the perfect option for those who wish to correct the issues in their smile just before a major life event, such as a graduation, wedding, or reunion. Other benefits that come with treatment include discretion due to the clear material, removability, and fewer appointments with our Invisalign doctor.

If you would like to see if you are a candidate for Invisalign Express, call to schedule a consultation appointment today.

Benefits of Invisalign Express

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