What Can Snap On Smile Do?

Young woman touching her face isolated on white background.

Perhaps the best service Snap On Smile provides is backup for the dentally compromised who can’t get the usual cosmetic or orthodontic treatments. This might be because of financial hardship, a pre-existing medical condition, or dental phobia.

If your teeth are fatally flawed because of too much rotation, staining, or spacing, Snap On Smile gives you the chance to go on smiling with no interference or embarrassment. This is because the Snap On Smile prosthetic camouflages your smile zone, just by being itself. You put in the device as you need to, and wear it all day if you want. Or you can take it out as it suits you.

The device is made from the same non-toxic resin NASA uses in its cabinetry. It’s durable, flexible, and custom-fit based on your own dental impressions taken by your Snap On Smile dentist.

Because of its removable and transient nature, Snap On Smile is ideal for special occasions. A photo opportunity you were dreading, or the day of a big presentation, can be made stress-free with your newly customized smile device.

Ask our West Hollywood cosmetic dentist if you qualify for Snap On Smile.

What Can Snap On Smile Do?

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