How Much Does Endodontic Retreatment Cost?


Root canal treatment is highly successful, but rarely, a tooth may need to be retreated. This can occur if the treated tooth continues to hurt or fails to heal. Retreatment may also be necessary if the tooth becomes infected or painful again after a successful root canal treatment.

Our endodontist in Los Angeles may recommend endodontic retreatment if:

  • The restoration was delayed, allowing the tooth to become reinfected after treatment.
  • The restoration was damaged, allowing saliva or bacteria to contaminate the treated tooth.
  • One or more canals were undetected and left untreated during the initial procedure.
  • Narrow, curved or abnormally shaped canals were not properly treated during the initial procedure.

The cost of retreatment can vary depending on the complexity of the procedure. The removal of the restoration will add to the cost, and the treatment of the additional canals may also increase your overall costs. However, dental insurance will typically cover all or part of the cost of endodontic therapy. Talk to your insurer to determine your coverage limits and your out-of-pocket expenses for this type of care.

Call our dental office today to learn more about our endodontic retreatment cost in Los Angeles or to schedule your exam.

How Much Does Endodontic Retreatment Cost?

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